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Australian venom support


A unique research and information centre serving the long-term interests of Australia and the Indo-Pacific region

The unit was established on 1 July 1994 in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Melbourne. It followed an earlier announcement at CSL Ltd (the former Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) that after a 65 year period its interest in Venom and antivenom was to cease. This was made immediately prior to the launch of CSL Ltd on the Australian Stock Exchange in May 1994.

Australia has a proud tradition of first rate venom and anitvenom research. It is the intention of the foundation director of the unit, Associate Professor Struan Sutherland, that this extremely practical and useful research be continued.

Unfortunately at present research is at a near standstill because only linited funds are available for research staff.

In May 1995 the Victorian State Government gave a seeding grant of $100,000 to the unit. This grantis primarily to unsure the vital advisory finctions of the Unit to Doctores is maintained aon a sound footing.

Professor Sutherland's research team at CSL ltd was involved in a number of important developments. Examples are the successful preparation of an antivenom to the Sydney Funnel Web spider, the development of Australia's unique Venom Detection Kits, and the pressure immobilisation type of first aid for managing snakebite. He has published over 300 articles in scientific and medical journals.


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