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Helen's Book


The Spider Lady's CD
The Spider Lady's CD

The book - A personal account of necrotising arachnidism
The Spider Lady's Book

As we journey through life many things influence the paths we take. Sometimes a completely unexpected event can significantly influence the road we find ourselves on. Such was the case with Helen Midgley.

Helen was bitten by a spider and that small bite completely changed her life. She started as a victim but became a crusader. This book documents her suffering, depression, dependence on others and subsequent rise to champion of spider bite victims. It explores a gamut of non-mainstream treatments, although it would seem that knowledge of the venom of the spider that bit her is sparse and that there is no well established treatment for it. This book then is a chronicle of cutting edge spider bite management.

Her story is a testament to the magnificent resilience of the human species. People who have been helped go on and help other people. So did Helen by forming the Spider Bite Recovery Support Group, by gaining assistance from an extraordinarily diverse group of people and by bringing together many of those people at a conference held in June 2000.

There is much that we do not know about the venoms of the creatures in this country with which we live. Australia is home to the most venemous snakes, spiders and jellyfish found anywhere on this planet. Not only can these venoms kill and severely maim, but also compounds isolated from them, save human lives and prolong life expectancy. It is ironic then that research into the venoms of our creatures is so poorly funded in this country.

Taken from the forward to her book 'The Spider Lady' by:

Michael Venning PhD
Senior Lecturer
School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences
University of South Australia

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