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Support Group

White Tailed Spider

White Tailed Spider

Our aim is to see funding re-instated for medical research, in order to establish a recognised treatment for the bite of the White-Tailed Spider.

The Support Group welcomes all members of the community from Australia and New Zealand.

Every person of every age has a part to play in educating their community about the potential dangers of the White-Tailed Spider. You do not have to be a bite victim to become a member.

We are a non profit community group run by volunteers and we depend solely on donations and membership for support.

Our group was founded in 1996 by Helen Midgley who was herself bitten by a white-tailed spider. Her recovery took a period of two years and she continues to sucessfully manage the ongoing affects of lingering systemic problems.

Information, and the products that have been used to control these problems, have been uncovered by our members in their continued search for knowledge and relief. In so doing they have learned a great deal about the clinical effects of spider bites.

The medical establishment is poorly informed about the effects and treatments, of the white-tailed spider, therefor it became necessary to establish a Support Group. This has enabled bite victims to get together, and organise a register, thereby coordinating symptoms and the variety of treatments, in order to assist others.

Our group is in contact with researchers around the world and information that comes from these sources will be included in Newsletters and the Members Information Pack.

If you have ever been bitten by a spider and would like to contribute your information to our group then please fill out our Confidential Survey.

How do I become a member of Spider Bite Recovery Group? Email for information.