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Feb Update 2012

Feb Update 2012


Hello again readers,

this is our 17th Birthday edition .

In my last update I was going into hospital to have my knee replaced WELL,

I asked for an xray   and it revealed  it was not my knee so much but I had been living with 2 fractured bones in my lower leg  and being made by the physio’s at the hospitals to walk on it.

I am now wheel chair bound and do not know yet when they can be fixed.

So I will carry on regardless giving talks to groups ,with the first lecture  scheduled for next Tuesday evening.

It never ceases to amaze me  how after 17 years ,giving  lectures and showing people  the devastating effects of the white tail spider bite. I am still finding people that have never heard of this spider.

One person told me he picks them up and puts them out side ,I asked what was he using to do this and he said a tissue !!!!!!!!!!.  He claims he could not kill them.

Then I heard from the parent of a new victim  that  went to a major hospital  for help and was told there is nothing they can do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly running a support group is not easy  and  it doesn’t make you rich.

The only thing that is good about it is I am helping those who want to listen

To what this some what small spider can do and I have many testimonials that are in my second book .


I have many good colleagues who  assist  me  with up to date information on the spider world  and they are at Uni SA  Uni Melbourne plus Uni Qld .

I only have to ask  and  they send me the latest info so I am sure that what I am saying is the latest .

The latest report from Uni Melbourne venom research unit, is questioning the use of anti Venom  in regards to the Red Back Spider bite , after reports came in where victims have become quite ill after receiving it.

The question -- Is  it better to use  a pain killer  instead of Anti Venom?

In the case of a Red back bite and by intra muscular  or Intra veinous  methods. 

Tests are being carried with newer victims .Results will be published  when I get them.

Last evening we had the biggest wolf spider come indoors ,he would have measured 2 ½ inches across  he was dispatched to heaven.


In my last update I spoke of the La Nina  weather pattern that is reeking havoc

Interstate  and  how I believed it had not finished its run ,

Well  sure  enough  its still causing  big problems with floods and I feel for the poor people  who have lost everything  due to this .

It is a strange phenomenon and I just wish that South Australia could get some of that  water  without  the  devastation  of course, we really need it.


Until next time please be careful and don’t become the next victim.


Kind regards

Dame Helen Midgley   .D St J.    AREMT 1.   JP .