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Spider Bites
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June-July-August 2014 Update








I hope you are able to keep warm with the winds coming up from the South Pole it can be challenging. with the cost of Electricity and Gas. I ask what price comfort? It is not healthy to feel cold even though it has been down to -1, I have still been kept active with spider bite victims calling in or emailing. Not long ago I was introduced to a lady that sells essential oils, there is one for chesty coughs called BREATH. I decided to try it and to my amazement it cleared a cough I had had since summer. There are several oils in the range I also tried a spray that cleared up a very sore patch I had on my left calf since 2010.they are really worth the try phone me if your interested 85582738.for the number to call.

I was watching Sir David Attenborough again in his documentary called ' wild India' he was talking about ancient mygalomorph (spider) called the harvestman which had 4 eyes, and really long legs they lived 400.000.000 years ago in caves with bats ,and these caves were in the under growth in rain forests.Fossils have been found in France and Northern America, today we call them Daddy Long Legs their carapace was a large oval shape and their legs were very long almost straight .they moved around in swarms of 1000 to keep cool.In the UK they are still called the Daddy Long Legs ' harvestmen' spiders. In USA they are Sola spiders.

Way back in 1850s a woman came to Australia to perform 'The Spider dance' Her name was Lola Montez I believe you can google this.

We have had spiders coming indoors to escape the cold and rain which fills up their burrows and they are attracted to the warm dry conditions they also a victim reported to me recently that there is a new spray called “cootex” made by Bayer that you mix with water and spray indoors and out and is made from dandilions flowers and is available at hardware stores. Kills spiders .but is enviromentally friendly.

Until next time please be careful and don’t become the next victim.

Kind regards
Helen Midgley .D St J. AREMT 1. JP .