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Spider Bites
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June/July/August 2013 Update








Hello again Readers,

Last update I promised to tell you about the poisonous spiders in our area. This time of the year being damp under foot is an invitation for the Mouse Spider to go roaming. The mouse spider is a first cousin to the Sydney Funnel Web and is very dangerous should you be bitten by one of these you will need to get to a hospital promptly with the spider in a jar so the Doctors can identify it and treat you possibly with Funnel Web anti venom. This spider has neurotoxin that will affect your nervous system , causing great trauma.

These spider were first discovered in 1918 in South Australia, by scientists. Insects are the main thing they are looking for and if humans get in their way they can become victims. Be very careful I know of an 18 month old child who was bitten by a mouse spider and she is so thin she has to have her blood checked often they are easily identifiable by RED wide head section and Blue carapace Black legs, they take on the stance of most spiders raising the front of their bodies in a threatening position.mygalomorph - ancient spiders

In south Australia we have the MISSULENA REFLEXA and they tend to live in our gardens and river banks. They usually build a funnel shaped web that extends into the burrow like the trapdoor. They are Mygalomorphs (ancient spiders).

Here is a picture of one that my husband found on our back patio near our cat. South Australian mouse spider they measure almost 2 inches long.

Picture by Frank Midgley.
Information from Andrew Beck Uni SA.

Sad news from America from one of my victims who lives in New Mexico who was bitten by a black Widow (Red Back). She reports the death of a "slayer" guitarist Jeff Hanneman who died of liver failure following the bite of an American Brown Recluse Spider. He almost lost an arm in the battle but sadly succumbed due to toxins in his liver.

Of course the Red Back is here also but they mainly have a messy web and live under flower pots.

Until next time, please be careful and don't become the next victim.

Kind regards

from Helen Midgley. D St J.  AREMT 1. JP.

President / Founder

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