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Spider Bites
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Oct 2011 Update

Oct 2011 Update


Hello Readers ,  As promised in my last update 

Hello again readers,

I am sorry this update is late ,I have had problems ,

with my right knee and have been in hospital for six weeks then I was sent home to wait  for a total knee replacement, in heaps of pain.

But the group  has been busy just the same  so I wrote this  from my hospital bed. My husband Frank has been busy  helping me with the  enquiries .

and I thank him.

The purpose of most venoms is to immobilize their  prey  Venom is injected

Into the lymphatic system which is just under the surface  of the skin.

From there it filters into the blood  stream .

There are three spiders we need to look out for in South Australia, they are the White tailed spider the wolf spider and the Mouse spider ,which is a 3rd cousin to the  funnel web.

 Both species of the white tail are dangerous to man, the mail spider venom contains histamine and noradrenalin  while the female spider venom has adenosine which causes maddening pain and release of histamine causing the burning.

 The wolf spider is a ground dwelling garden spider  and they run at you and hunt prey like a wild dog. They are the same colour as the huntsman, but they have a distinct black and white pattern on the carapace [back] .

The female wolf spider is dangerous and is known to kill cats and make dogs  very ill. Humans can suffer a necrotising  bite but this bite does not recur like the white tail does once every year.

The mouse spider ,well that is another story there are three kinds in the Adelaide hills  and they are cousins to the Sydney funnel web and if bitten  you may need funnel web anti venom as they contain nurotoxins which affect the  body by shutting it down really fast meaning you must go to your Doctor .

These spiders have black legs ,blue carapace and red head area.

If you should come across  one of these spiders ,please put it into a jar really carefully and deliver it to  me.

Did you know that the silk that is wrapped around a cob of corn is beneficial

If boiled and  drank as a tea for liver and kidney complaints.

 With the tragic floods in the north it was said that  la nina  system had finished but I could not accept that because  of the further flooding that continued and  now here we are  early spring and la nina is back. And we are looking at a wet summer similar to last year    Our climates  are really out of wack.

 Did you know that were ever you are,

there is a spider within one meter of you.

 Until next time please be careful and don’t become the next victim.


Kind regards

Dame Helen Midgley   .D St J.    AREMT 1.   JP .