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Spider Bites
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Summer/Autum 2011

Summer/Autumn 2011 update


Hello Readers ,  As promised in my last update 

assassin_147I have the information from two of my colleagues on the Assassin  Bug.

Apparently they are all over Australia and in each State they are a little different  but this is South Australia’s  assassin bug and they can bite humans. Ectonocoris  trunculentis is it’s botanical  name.

Assassin bug  pic from Mike Gemmell  Museum SA in Qld they are all black.



wolfspider_195Wolf Spider pic from Andrew Beck Uni  SA.

The Wolf spider ( above ) is out and about  this time of the year dragging their eggs with them and we have had two rather large ones enter ,via our sliding door from our patio. Once inside they try to find a place to hide and when you try to catch them they run at you, so keep your surface spray handy as these are causing damage to humans  just like the White tail. They are a garden spider and usually are found  in the lawn edgings and leaf litter .

Their botanical name is  lycosa  godeffroyi and are unusual where  they have  black and white marking on their backs like a union jack  which is why a lot of people call them  the union jack spider.  And these can kill cats .

Our local Post Office  managers have a Labra Doodle dog  that was bitten by one of these and he was very very  ill. But finally  recovered.

It is White tail season  also and we have killed quite a lot lately

so please be aware .


The Spider-Bite- Recovery- Support- Group is  celebrating it’s 15th birthday

and we have 1503 victims registered. Over those 15 years I have had some tragic stories from people that left it too long to get any help and some great successes with guiding victims to a recovery.

WE have many letters of thanks from victims who have   recovered.

A lot of victims keep in constant touch with me telling me of their progress.

In my second book which is still being collated by the printer and myself ,

There are stories by victims with  pictures of their wounds .These victims specifically requested that their stories be published in a bid to get this very real and tragic problem noticed.  When a new victim contacts me I ask for pictures of their wounds so I can see what we  are  dealing with.

I then advise them   in the right direction  to  recovery .


On Friday last we had a gentleman knocked on our door  who wanted to learn more about the White tailed Spider.So  we spent some time showing him  pictures of spiders  and wounds and he was amazed at the destruction caused by the fangs of a some what small spider that is in every ones home and gardens. He also identified a spider that he has seen around his garden that  is a cousin to the funnel web  the red headed  mouse spider  missulena  occatorio

this  one is all over the Fleurieu and Flinders ranges  and is unmistakable with its black legs red head and blue abdomen .It is a cousin to the Funnel Web.

If bitten get medical help immediately.

Autumn  bark is now falling from eucalypts  and behind the bark are hiding places for all kinds of creepy crawlies  so when cleaning up the  fallen bark please be sure to  wear gloves .

In my last update I spoke of the  La Nina  event  and the strange weather patterns well its seems that La Nina won the battle in a big way with the enormous devastating flooding in Queensland and NSW and Victoria and now the Riverland is getting it’s share of much needed  water .Nature is  wonderful

But I feel for those caught up in it and the  tragic loss of life and destruction

it has caused. I can recall when we moved down here it was a very wet year  1993. In  1956 floods along the River Murray where marked and  it will be interesting to see if the flooding will get that high again.    

Until next time   Don’t become the next victim.

Kind regards

Helen Midgley D St J   AREMT1   JP.